Pink Cottage Publishing


"This book is an absolute gem and recommended reading for not only people with MS, but their family members and friends as well.  The author uses humour in her descriptions of situations that will resonate with people who have MS and as it takes one to know one, as you read you know this is someone who really understands the vagaries of MS.  I’d suggest keeping a copy handy, so if you’re having a bad day, a quick dip into Shona’s book will quickly bring a smile to your face."

Anon MSer, Hawke’s Bay


"I found it refreshingly delightful. The page you describe your uncontrollable flatulence had me rolling with mirth, as did where you were head first into the dandelions, yet other parts of the book were touching and enlightening. I loved the style of illustrations, they absolutely suited the book, Clever, I thought."

L.B, Seatoun Wellington


"Like Shona, it's colourful, full of dark humour, and petite (40 pages). A great read, highly recommended."

A.C. Dunedin


"I spent a lovely evening last night, tucked up in bed, cup of tea in hand, to read the book.  Well, I had trouble keeping the tea in the cup because I was laughing so much!  What an entertaining, yet insightful, book."

J.W Wellington